Alumni Ventures, Turning Everyone into a Successful Venture Investor.

In collaboration with partners and
Alumni Ventures, we have revitalized the brand, improved the user experience, and revamped the public-facing website.

Magic with Steampunk Sparks

In collaboration with Magoo Studios, we crafted animations inspired by steampunk, highlighting the joy of invention and entrepreneurial spirit. Using materials like copper, gold and wood, imparts a sense of durability, quality, and trustworthiness.

With a lighter touch, these animations maintain an optimistic atmosphere. They also incorporate familiar objects such as a key to symbolize the unlocking of value and access, coffee cups, napkins, and pens to represent networking and agreements

A Unifying System

To improve brand consistency we created a unifying as well as scaleable digital design system.

Varvet runs agile best practices, always prepared with analysis and work status so the project is always on track

James Mooney
EVP Technology — Alumni Ventures

Making Sign-Up Effortless

Guided by stakeholder feedback and prototype testing to refine our approach, we streamlined sign-up for better conversion and ensured clear information presentation.

Together. Apart.

The project involved a team that had never met in person due to the ongoing pandemic. The team collaborated remotely across various disciplines, including Design, Development, and Animation.

The Webby Awards


The website received positive feedback, increased interest leads, and improved conversion rates.

Webby Awards 2022 Honoree as Best User Experience, Best Use of Animation, and Best Visual Design and 28th Annual FCS Portfolio Awards Visual Identity Bronze Medalist

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Project lead
Simon Zeeck, Partner

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