Illustration by Cristopher DeLorenzo for Bestow portraying people engaged in everyday activities

Bestow, Changing life insurance. For good.

In close collaboration with Bestow, Varvet has crafted a fresh brand identity and user experience. This involved collaborating with the talented illustrator Cristopher DeLorenzo, and micro-animations to shape a distinctive brand and an engaging web experience.

Expressing Sensations

While exploring mood boards, we realized illustrations could enhance Bestow’s brand message and convey the desired emotions.

We aimed to strike a perfect balance between “An Active Life” and “Peace of Mind.” Expressing the union of liveliness and inner peace and making it visible through art.

To achieve this goal, we collaborated with the talented illustrator Cristopher DeLorenzo. His creative insights and ability to translate abstract concepts into visually striking images were crucial to the outcome.

A highlight from Cristopher DeLorenzo's illustrative work for Bestow showing a family and their activities

Varvet took the time to really understand our business and our needs

Jill Bradley
VP Brand & Creative — Bestow

Shaping Tomorrow, Together

Together with Bestow, we refined their new brand guidelines, digitally expanded their profile, and designed their new public-facing website.

Crafting Cohesion

We created several versions of the page modules, combining various designs while keeping a distinctive style. We used the best ideas and design elements to make a consistent new look that reflects the company’s identity and is enjoyable for the audience.

Bestow user interface components displaying insurance package offers

Elevating the Brand

Our work for Bestow included revising brand guidelines, expanding their digital footprint, and creating their new, user-focused public website.

In addition, to deliver flexible content modules, Varvet extended the tech team at Bestow when developing the new site using headless WordPress in combination with Remix.

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Project lead
Simon Zeeck, Partner

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