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EOE Eyewear, E-Commerce Evolution

Where sustainability and style intersect, EOE, a forward-thinking Swedish eyewear company, set out on a profound transformation. They entrusted us with creating an innovative E-Commerce solution that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge design and robust technology with their commitment to sustainability.

The result is a seamless blend of aesthetics inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and modernity, redefining the eyewear shopping experience.

Transcending Aesthetics

Our design approach for EOE delved deeper than appearances, it reflected the brand’s core values. With elegant tactility, our design brought out the essence of Scandinavian design, emphasizing human-centric elements while staying firmly grounded in the contemporary world.

The focal point of this transformation was the bold, unmistakable Klein blue, which emerged as the cornerstone of EOE’s brand identity, marking the dawn of a new era in modernity and eco-consciousness.

We wanted a partner that could understand our DNA and carry the nordic feel of quality through the screen

Erik J Lindmark
Co-Founder — EOE Eyewear
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Tailored Tech

Building on the solid foundation of WooCommerce, we developed a custom e-commerce solution tailored to EOE’s unique requirements.

Our approach was grounded in practicality and flexibility, harnessing the capabilities of open-source platforms to design and construct a customized solution.

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Crystal Clarity

The result seamlessly aligns with EOE’s vision, enhancing the user experience, and streamlining internal processes, ultimately positioning EOE as a pioneer in sustainable eyewear.

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Project lead
Simon Zeeck, Partner

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