Brand composition graphics for Volvo On Demand

 On Demand, Smart Car Sharing.

We’re excited to present our latest project, where we helped shape the web presence for Volvo’s mobility service – Volvo On Demand.

We built a user-friendly CMS with multi-language support that ensures Volvo’s global reach. Volvo On Demand aims to redefine how the world perceives Volvo, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

First Class. Front End.

Our main priority was ensuring that the new website reflected the new brands excellence. To that end, we drew from our teams extensive experience of working with WordPress and Next.js and strategically opted for that stack to create a powerful headless web publishing platform.

Composition showing user interface components highlighting Volvo On Demand's unique value proposition

Varvet goes beyond being just a supplier; they are collaborative partners deeply committed to our growth.

Madeleine Lassoued
Head of Marketing – Volvo Car Mobility

What’s in a (Domain) Name

This project presented intriguing challenges as it integrated another well-known brand, Volvo, into the fold. Consequently, there was a request for the new website to be hosted within Volvo Cars’ global domain.

This introduced technical challenges, but after identifying the right expertise to partner with on the hosting side, we knew all the parts we needed to succeed were in place.

Varvet's responsiveness and collaboration have been key in our project.

Ronny Wikh
Engineering Manager — Volvo Cars

Heroes Abound

We put together a tightly integrated content creation chain, both as professionals working in a team and with custom-built content delivery to support it.

As the rising star in a young market that Volvo On Demand is, they need to communicate repeatedly, clearly, and effectively. Using the well-balanced design system that had been developed as part of the new brand, we created a real enabler to succeed with campaign communication, even when feedback loops occur just hours before airtime and GO time.

Image of a Volvo XC40 on display using the updated Volvo On Demand brand guidelines utilizing both illustration and animationImage of a Volvo C40 on display using the updated Volvo On Demand brand guidelines utilizing both illustration and animation


From the beginning up until today, the collaboration has given Varvet the opportunity to deliver and grow as Managers, Tech Leads, Developers, DevOps, Content Creators, and as Team Members.

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Project lead
Jon Kindell, Partner

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