U.N.N.A.M.E.D. a Brand Studio, Ventures Unit, & Syndicated Collective all in one.

U.N.N.A.M.E.D. is a regenerative design ecosystem; Varvet has crafted and launched their new digital home. Built on our own product, Ressume we we’re able to supply a tailor made solution and cater for the unique experience of U.N.N.A.M.E.D.

Iterations & trust

In our commitment to delivering effective digital solutions, we embraced a collaborative and iterative approach, marked by x weekly checkpoints facilitating seamless communication and feedback exchange. With a versatile team comprising client representatives, design leaders, and skilled full-stack developers, we navigated the complexities of digital transformation with precision and adaptability.

Throughout this journey, we diligently identified and refined key functionalities within the application, each designed to enhance user interaction and experience. Join us as we explore these essential features, highlighting their functionality and the strategic insight behind their development.

Powered by WordPress

We leveraged a powerful tool built on WordPress, renowned for its familiarity and widespread usage. This tool seamlessly generates static HTML pages from content created within WordPress while efficiently managing the assets necessary for showcasing a visually engaging application.

From offloading to CDN (Content Delivery Network) to resizing and optimizing media for quality, it streamlines the process, ensuring a modern and user-centric digital experience.

Varvet supported us with their digital expertise, and understood our needs in full. The result is a perfect rendition of our brand.

Anders Frostensen
Partner, U.N.N.A.M.E.D.

Built on Ressume™

Ressume offers a clean cut approach to portfolio presentation. We believe that your seniority as a creative should be reflected in your work, not in the portfolio itself.

Ressume is designed to make your work the center of attention, free from unnecessary frills.
Simplicity at Its Best, our user-friendly interface keeps your presentation clean and uncluttered.

Learn more about Ressume™ on ressu.me

Visit the result on unnamed.xyz

Project lead
Jon Kindell, Partner

Want to know more about this project or how we work, contact Jon.